Who are we?

CHSZ Group of Companies is one of the largest Russian manufacturers of high-quality glass containers for beer, alcoholic beverage, food and other industries.

The production capacities of the factories allow to produce in total up to 1.5 billion glass containers per year, or 1640 tons of glass per day.

developed and mastered the production of
types of glass containers
only advanced technologies are used
1 000+
qualified employees


Today we rely on quality, competitiveness and production efficiency.

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Quality control in production is carried out by operators and setup engineers of glass-forming machines for compliance with the high requirements of Consumers.

Defects are eliminated at an early stage of production.

The production lines are equipped with inspection equipment from TIAMA company (France).

М1, I-CAM, M-CAL, MultiP, Multi 4 control equipment has been installed

Our technical control laboratories use the equipment manufactured by AGR, an American company.

Equipment: internal pressure and vertical load tester (RPT2), impact tester, friction tester (TT), hot spray thickness analyzers (HCMS) on bottle body and bottle finish (HCMS), optical geometric parameters analyzer (VBG), foreign inclusions analyzer (Seedlab), X-ray fluorescence spectrometer (ARL OPTIM/X).

Acceptance quality control of finished products according to geometric parameters for nominal full volume, heat resistance, resistance to internal pressure and annealing quality is performed by highly qualified specialists from our technical control department.